Cannondale Recalls All Canvas NEO E-bikes

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for all Cannondale Canvas NEO E-bikes. The reason for the recall is a front fender that can become detached and jam the front wheel. Jamming the front wheel is likely to cause a loss of control. Cannondale is asking Canvas NEO riders to remove the front fender and wait until a replacement is available for installation by a Cannondale dealer. These parts are expected early in 2021. More information on the recall is available here.

Yamaha MX400 “Running When Parked” Christmas Present

Here is a cool find. This early Yamaha monoshock is probably a 1975 model (that sold for $1550 at that time). This model was a more affordable version of the racing model known as the YZ (you can read about the bike’s history at Motocross Action Magazine). What caught my eye is the bike’s condition. It looks almost new! This uses a 2-stroke power plant and these engines are pretty easy to work on. If the piston isn’t stuck, a good mechanic could have it fired up in an afternoon…