Kings Of Speed – Ascot Raceway 1957 To 1990 Runs Through October 13th – UPDATED

California State University Northridge Art Galleries is presenting an exhibition titled Kings of Speed: Ascot Raceway 1957 – 1990. The exhibit title says all you need to know. If you don’t “get it” you are either too young or were never into the most dramatic racing that California ever produced. I attended the opening reception and can show you just a little of what is in store for you if you can make it to the exhibit before it closes on October 13, 2018. The photo above is of the…

Yamaha DT-100E Sun Baked Rust Bucket Running When Parked

This Running When Parked (RWP’ed) looks to be very complete even if all the components appear to have been sun baked for the past 25 years. And those components were probably soaked in salt water before the solar baking. Worth $500? To somebody who restores old Yamahas, there are enough stock parts here that can be sanded and painted for other projects. It would take way too much money to restore this old bike.

Porsche Taycan Prototype And Cyclist Featured In DJI Mavic 2 Video

You can’t get your hands on the electric-powered Porsche Taycan until next year, but you can see it featured in a promotional video from DJI who are promoting their new drone, the Mavic 2. Also captured in the video is a mountain bike rider (on the road) with a ginormous pack on his back (the rider pops on the screen at the 14-second mark). To all my riding friends, be careful of silent speeding Porsches.

New York Post’s Steve Cuozzo Anti-Cycling Rant Hurts Everyone

Steve Cuozzo’s editorial against the use of bicycles in New York City is so misguided that, as a cyclist, it is hard to read it or take it seriously. There may be some valid points in his editorial, but the racial and sexist overtone drowns out what little common sense the editorial possesses. If you find the time to read the editorial, you might want to drop Steve a message with your feelings. This is especially important if you are a female or a non-white male rider (because Steve doesn’t…