NASA’s E-Bike “To Boldly Go Where No Bike Has Gone Before”

The NASA lunar e-bike prototype was said to be developed in the event of the lunar rover vehicle not being ready for the Apollo missions of 1972 and 1973. The moon scooter didn’t need to be deployed because the lunar rover hit its intended completion deadline. It would take a few years for earth-bound e-bikes to catch up to the lunar bike, but I guess there is one larger trend that can be accredited to this NASA research: hard-shell bicycle helmets.  

Captain America Falls On Hard Times, Looking To Hawk His Motorcycle

Times are tough for super heroes. Captain America, who lives off his meager social security checks and small payments from sporadic personal appearances, is trying to sell his beloved 1977 Yamaha. The bike looks like a road racer with a full fairing, rearsets and aerodynamic tail section. That impression ends at the tires that are off-road knobbies. The asking price? The bidding starts at $100,000 or you can buy it now for only $300,000. You better act quickly, though. Rumor has it that Bruce Wayne is watching the bidding.