2018 Mike Nosco Memorial Riders Enjoy Perfect Weather And Beautiful Roads

The 2018 Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride is in the books. Each rider was treated to beautiful Southern Californian weather (okay, it was a little hot in some of the canyons) and the camaraderie of over 1,000 like-minded riders. I’ll post more photos over the next few days (isn’t retirement great?) so check back.

Mike Nosco is looking down from Heaven with a smile on his face while watching the lead-out supplied by the Ventura County Fire Department.
The group rides past the most photographed rock in California (you see this rock in just about every automobile TV commercial).
The man, the myth, the legend, Ty Kady. Motocross, supercross, mountain biking and road cycling; Ty has won it all.
Dermot Carroll proves nice guys can finish first.
Dave Lettieri. Buy your next bike from this guy at Fastrack Bikes in Santa Barbara. You won’t be sorry. Tell him Jimmy Mac sent you and get a free water bottle with the purchase of your new bike.
“Papa Doug” Barnett is a natural on the bike. The Giant Bicycles employee makes the canyon climbs look like fun.
Some guys have a classy look on the bike.
Each rider in the group hopes the other guys don’t jump.
Photos don’t do justice to the steepness of Deer Creek. This is one of those climbs you only do a few times a year.
Jim Perry, Yamaha’s Factory Motocross Team Manager, was riding a Yamaha Urban Rush electric-motorized bike. It flew up Deer Creek Road. Electric-motorized bikes don’t belong on natural-surface, multi-user trails (hiking/mountain biking trails) but on the road, they’re great. And it is not cheating when the event is a ride, not a race. Can I borrow one on November 3rd, 2019?
One of Lettieri’s satisfied customers.
Great to see Derin Stockton hammering the climbs. We go back a long way. How come I get older and Derin stays the same? Derin is Santa Barbara Cycling where he can make sure you are getting the most out of that expensive bike you ride.
The Nosco Ride rocks!
Most colorful shorts award goes to…
Cool to see riders lending a little helpful push to those struggling on the climbs. The Nosco event is a ride and while some riders feel the urge to race, most are supportive of those around them. This event has a great vibe.
Peace out!
I get the feeling this guy puts in a lot of saddle time.
Didn’t see as many industry people this year. Maybe it was because the ride fell on a Saturday instead of a day that can be used as an excuse to get out of the office?
Zapata Espinosa was one of only two riders who called out my Cycle Products West jersey. You have to have a moto background to understand.
I think Peter Sagan is responsible for the increase in wheelies. Bike companies have to build their forks twice as strong now.
No photos, please! The paparazzi can be very bothersome around Malibu.
Miles of smiles.
How many more climbs are there? The heat was pretty bad in a few of the canyons.
These two were having way too much fun at the top of Deer Creek.
Self portrait.
I’ve been working on a goatee for two months and I’m not close to catching this guy. My legs don’t look this good either.
My good buddy, Victor Sheldon (far right), was riding with a friend dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. Victor explains. “It was part of the Sherpa program that Eric Bostrom put together. The rider’s name is Brendon Hill and it was his first day on a road bike. He’s super strong and a great person. He donated $1000 from working overtime as a fireman. He got 4 flats, we went 8 miles outta the way, missed the Mulholland left turn and ended up second to last team to get to the finish. It was a great day. My most rewarding Mike Nosco ride to date!”
I’ll sign off with one more smiling face.


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