Mini RWP’ed Needs Maxi Maintenance

There are times when taking a closer look at a Running When Parked bike is a good idea. This little minibike looks like a lot of fun especially if you can talk the owner down to around $250. But once you take a look at the detail shots that the seller supplied, you get an idea of how much work this little project is going to need. If you are looking for a “rat bike” mini, this could be a good deal. If you are looking to restore, this is…

How Much Trail Do You Use In An Hour? (A Trail User Speed Comparison)

Four major user groups share unpaved recreation trails designated for non-motorized use; hikers, trail runners, equestrians and mountain bikers. A change in California law (that other states may adopt) has permitted electric-motorized bikes access to these same trails, thus adding a new user group into the mix. While these five different user groups share the same trail, how do their speeds and amount of trail used in a specific amount of time compare? Anecdotal answers abound, but finding quantitative data on the question is difficult. My solution was to conduct…

Ducati 900SS Sets RWP’ed Record Asking Price Of $34,500

This one is for the record books. The seller is asking for a cool $34,500 and you get a sweet-looking Ducati 900SS that was running “great” when parked. Even if you are a Ducati fan, the asking prive is a stretch. The NADA guide lists a value of $29,255 for a mint-condition 900SS and even with this bike’s low mileage, the owner is vague on the bike’s history. It’s a cool ride and we would love to know what it actually sells for.

Riders Learn To Mountain Bike

There is nothing I like better than to arrive at the trailhead and see a bunch of eager, young riders chomping at the bit to get on the trail. This group got an early start and were able to let the morning mist cool their ride before the day’s heat kicked in. Congrats for the effort riders, and welcome to the club.