2017 Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride Photo Gallery

The 2017 Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride was another amazing event to honor the memory of Mike Nosco and raise financial support for a number of worthy recipients. The event’s course is a brutal tour of the Santa Monica mountains that forces participants to attack three major climbs that add up to over 8,000 feet of climbing while covering 80 miles of Southern Cal’s most beautiful cycling roads (including the iconic Pacific Coast Highway). The course reflects the toughness and perseverance of Mike Nosco who used it as his “training” loop.

If you’d like to support the Michael P. Nosco Foundation with a donation hit the link above and, better yet, start planning now to ride the 2018 event on November 3rd.

The Mike Nosco course provides some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean but most riders are more interested in viewing the top of the climbs.
Wayne Stetina is part of the Stetina cycling dynasty. He was winning national cycling championships before many of the event’s riders were born. The Nosco ride attracts cycling’s greatest heroes.
The Mike Nosco Memorial is a ride, not a race. That doesn’t keep riders from putting down some serious efforts.
Dave Lettieri (black and white jersey) owns Fastrack Bicycles in Santa Barbara. He also has a professional racing resume too long to list here.
I didn’t fact check (or proofread) this story, but I believe this is KTM Bike’s General Manager Trevor DeRuisé showing that his KTM mountain bike is as versatile as he is.
Doug Barnett worked with me at Mountain Bike Action before joining Giant Bicycle’s global division. Giant is a big supporter of the event.
Trudi Rebsamen (left) rides with Debbie Knickman. Trudi is Steve Tilford’s widow and rode the event in Steve’s honor. Steve was a big supporter of the Nosco ride and Trudi carried on the tradition.
Jim Perry is the Yamaha Factory Motocross Team’s manager. The Nosco event falls after the National series and before the Supercross Series so Jim gets to enjoy his other passion.
John Perry (yes, brother to Jim Perry) came out from Durango, Colorado, to pace his brothers from another mother, Doug Henry and David Bailey. John worked as part of their crew for the Race Across America.
I blame this trend on Peter Sagan. Bike warranty departments can’t figure out why so many forks are getting choppered out. So cool to see young riders who are both strong riders and great bike handlers.
Thurlow “Turbo” Rogers, the man, myth and legend. Was it really way back in 1985 that he won that Coors Classic Stage for the Levis/Raleigh Team? The man still knows how to go fast.
Flipping a quick peace sign before getting back to the job at hand.
I saw Corey Neuer, owner of CT Racing, training on the roads in my neighborhood before the Nosco ride. Looks like it paid off. Corey was motoring up Deer Creek.
When the climb is as nasty as Deer Creek Road, sometimes the best approach is to keep your head down and break it into 20-foot segments.
Is that a smile or a grimace on Zapata Espinosa’s face? I think it was a little of both. Sweet bike.
A little sling near the top of a long climb is much appreciated.
Chris Holmes made the long trip down from Marin where he works for Marin Bicycles to ride a Marin in the Mike Nosco Ride. Check out his suspension fork. Not a bad choice for these mountain roads. Next to Chris is Kris Gross. Kris is a rep for Rocky Mountain Bikes and is married to one of this year’s beneficiaries, Gerhard Gross.
Doug Henry (left) and David Bailey had no problem cranking up Mulholland. Both riders were part of a 4-man team that finished second in their class at the Race Across America. Mike Nosco was no doubt honored and impressed by these two while he was looking down from Heaven.
A massive pileup sent a few riders to the ER, a few bikes to the junkyard and the rest just soldiered on. This guy wasn’t going to let a little blood on the leg or a sore shoulder ruin his day.
Jason McCune does a little bit of motocross, mountain biking and road riding. Yes, he is always this happy.
R.J. Wageman likes just about anything with two wheels. He is an accomplished motocrosser and the guy knows how to hammer on his road bike too. The Nosco ride attracts athletes looking for great cross-training with seasoned road cyclists.
This guy gets my oldest wheelier award. This is not as easy as he makes it look. Respect.
When Giant’s Andrew Juskaitis was asked if there was a bike that Trudi Rebsamen could borrow for the event, his reply was, “what size should I get her?” A big thank you goes out to Andrew for all the support Giant throws behind this event.
That feeling you get when the top of the climb is in sight.
Young and old showed up for this great event and to support a worthy cause. The event takes place on November 3rd every year. See you there in 2018.
Deer Creek Road.
As far as the eye can see. Much love, much support and much fun. The Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.

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